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We've been producing the UK's best kinesiology tape since 2012, and now we're producing the UK's best traditional tapes too.

SPORTTAPE EAB features a hypoallergenic and strong adhesive that still retains a smooth unwind. Designed to support or compress injuries it is made from a lightweight and hand-tearable fabric for fast taping and secure support.


    • Multi Functional - Ideal for light support and compression of injuries.
      • Lightweight Support – The 120% stretch means it can be used as a fixation bandage or for light weight joint stabilization.
        • Strong Adhesion – Extra sticky adhesive ensures a strong hold.
          • Feather edge- Makes wearing the bandage more comfortable to conform to body contours
            • Latex Free- Fully hypoallergenic and latex free, there will be no issues with allergic reactions.

              SPORTTAPE RIGID is used to provide rigid support, for advice including application videos please click here.

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              REMEMBER - Whether you're a seasoned taping pro or a first timer the same principles apply:

              • Fully assess. If in any doubt seek professional medical assistance
              • Question if you actually need tape?!
              • Decide what's the best taping technique

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