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SPORTTAPE FIXING TAPE will protect the skin prior to taping, allowing for more comfortable application. It is a skin-friendly, non-woven tape used for dressing fixation and pre-taping, especially around tricky joints such as the shoulder.


  • Protection – Acting as a barrier, it conforms to the skin providing an additional protective layer.
  • Light Adhesion- The glue is kind on the skin, meaning you can use our Extra Sticky tapes over the top without worry of irritation.
  • Easy Removal - Allows for easy removal of taping applications and reduces need for scissors.
  • Multifunctional - It can also be used to hold pads, bandages and dressings in place.

SPORTTAPE RIGID is used to provide rigid support, for advice including application videos please click here.

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REMEMBER - Whether you're a seasoned taping pro or a first timer the same principles apply:

  • Fully assess. If in any doubt seek professional medical assistance
  • Question if you actually need tape?!
  • Decide what's the best taping technique

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