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Treated like professionals!

August 13, 2014

As proud sponsors of England Touch, whilst playing for Wales Touch you could say Kate-Anne and I felt a little torn last weekend at the European Championships.    As it turned out SPORTTAPE did a lot better than we did, it lasted the distance and made it to several finals with the imperious England squad! Whilst we finished one place short of a bronze medal and broken, however that didn't take the edge of a brilliant few days. Rewarded with memories I'm always continually amazed by the people behind the players. Those people that keep the event running and the players on their feet with unwavering support and commitment. Who, without any financial reward devote hundreds of hours but for... Continue Reading →

SPORTTAPE Takes Over the European Touch Rugby Tournament

August 05, 2014

The European Touch Rugby tournament is coming to Swansea this week and we are completely split down the middle on who to support. With two of our own (Kate-Anne & Carl) representing Wales and SPORTTAPE sponsoring England Touch for the upcoming tournament. With this early shot of an England player not only sporting the SPORTTAPE England vest, they are also literally head to toe in SPORTTAPE. The best we can hope for is an England v Wales final. Best of luck to all of those involved! Continue Reading →